Born 1960 Tommy Brock self taught artist has been painting for 35+ years. As a young teenager he was introduced to the airbrush by his father. At the age of 14 he started to toy with the new instrument of painting. He started to search for any information he could find about airbrush techniques. That is when he discovered the works of Alberto Vargas and his love of Pinup art began.

Though the years he has created art on all types of media ...canvas, illustration board, watercolor papers, bristol board, pinball machines, dry wall, concrete blocks, motorcycles ect...Now he has decided to create art that he always had a passion for Pinup girls and Classic cars. For the past 12 year he has been involved in building some of most beautiful Street Rods. Now he is sharing some of those rides in this series. So I hope you enjoy his newest collection.


Tommy would like to offer to you to commission him to paint a work of art for you. So if you have a Special someone in your life or auto that you would like him to do a painting of. Contact him and discuss with him the details of creating a one of a kind painting for your man cave.


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